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SPI is a leading Australian wheel manufacturer, providing agricultural, industrial, and off-highway wheels, with thousands of sets complete with tyres since the company was founded in 2002.
SPI manufactures over 10 different types of fully customisable wheels, including:






Agricultural tyres and wheels are what most tractors are fitted with from the factory. These are standard wheels that come on the tractor from the manufacturer. In Australia, most farmers change from standard wheels to something more customised depending on their application and choice of tyres.


Different types of agricultural tyres include:


Bias construction tyres


        • Bias tyres have cord piles that are arranged running diagonally from the bead across the tyre. Layers overlap forming a crisscross pattern. This design features excellent sidewall resistance, puncture resistance and high load capacity.


Radial construction tyres


        • Radial tyres have cord piles that are arranged running radially from bead to bead around the tyre. Sidewall and tread have independent functional features providing more flexibility, great performance, durability, and fuel economy.


High flex tyres (IF and VF)


        • IF/VF solutions widen your tyre’s contact area on the ground reducing soil compaction. This technology results in enhanced traction, less slippage, and increased soil consumption leading to overall increased yields.


IF Tyres stands for Increased Flexion


        • IF Tyres can carry 20% more load than standard tyres at the same air pressure, or they can carry the same load as the standard tyres with 20% less air pressure.


VF Tyres stands for Very High Flexion


        • VF tyres can carry 40% more load than standard tyres at the same air pressure, or they can carry the same load as the standard tyres with 40% less air pressure.


Benefits of IF & VF tyres


        1. Reduced soil compaction
        2. Less operating costs
        3. Optimized operating hours
        4. More load capacity
        5. Maximum performance
        6. Ensured Comfort


There are many variables to consider when deciding on what agricultural tyres you need:


        • Load being carried
        • Required speed – farm-to-farm transport
        • Ground clearance required
        • What crop/s are being grown
        • Specified row spacing
        • Need for adjustability with different crops and row widths





Clip-on duals are a simple clamp system that easily mounts a second wheel to the inner wheel of your tractor, creating a dual wheel. The two wheels can then work together sharing the load between them, rather than just one wheel taking the load like standard. The clamps for the clip-on duals are made from the highest quality forge materials, and are very durable and strong, making it easy and safe to mount and dismount the clip-on dual system as often as required. Clip-on duals are a great solution for farmers that need to use the same tractor for multiple tasks.


Clip-on duals are used for their versatility.  They are great for when you need more stability and traction out in the field while their larger footprint reduces soil compaction, protecting crops and increasing yields. They work exceptionally well in hilly terrain, handling slopes with more grip, thanks to their increased ground contact area. They also have more flotation properties making them safer in wet conditions, while saving fuel.


SPI cotton-reel spacer duals are designed by our experienced engineering team to precisely suit your application. A cotton reel is a wheel spacer or hub adapter that bolts directly between the two wheels to widen your track setting to suit your desired width. They are easy to fit and provide the benefits of duals with a customised track setting.





The ideal flotation wheel equipment doesn’t come standard with new machines. However, SPI’s extensive knowledge and expertise can provide custom solutions to meet your specific requirements, minimise soil compaction and damage, or increase machine performance in wet conditions.


The obvious value of flotation tyres and wheels is the increased traction from the wider structure of the tyre. Farmers typically look for flotation tyres in the wet seasons. However, their high traction doesn’t mean flotation tyres are only for wet conditions. Flotation tyres have a special trend pattern that allows for very heavy loads to be carried at lower pressures, whilst ensuring reduced soil compaction and preventing damage to crops.


The more flotation properties your tyres have, the better they are going to be for your soil and crops. As you would understand, the more footprint the tyre has, the more power your tractor will be able to convert to the ground. This saves you valuable fuel and lowers compaction, protecting the soil and roots of your crops.





Forestry wheels and tyres are designed for the most extreme and harsh conditions that will ensure forestry machines achieve the maximum guaranteed performance. Specifically engineered to provide the most durable and highest quality solution.


SPI Forestry wheels are reinforced to ensure they will be able to sustain the extremely harsh terrain that demands them. Forestry tyres need to have a high puncture resistance as well as a longer tyre life-cycle to be able to operate in the most difficult forest conditions. The heavy-duty service of forestry machinery requires excellent traction and maximum protection against cuts and chips to the tires. Forestry tyres are usually a steel-belted bias construction, with a robust log design for optimal performance.




SPI can supply a variety of solutions to suit any industrial application, ranging from nonaggressive grasslands and tarmac applications, wider lugs for hobby farmers to hard-wearing reinforced wheels and tyres for severe conditions such as constructions sites, roadside maintenance, and mining applications






SPI stocks a range of off-road-truck solutions, “SPI SUPER SINGLES” super single tyres and wheels are designed to improve the performance of trucks in off-road applications. Making it easier and safer for drivers in rough and boggy terrain.





SPI continues to strengthen our compact construction and earthmover wheel and tyre range with multi-purpose construction tyres, and radial and bias ply tyre solutions for earthmoving applications. We offer a huge range of earthmover wheels and tyres for all types of machines – including graders, loaders, articulated dump trucks and rigid dump trucks working in applications such as surface mining, quarry, construction, undergrounding mining and road construction equipment. your off-road tyre needs.




SPI provides a complete range of FIXED WHEEL and ADJUSTABLE WHEEL row-crop wheel and tyre applications to suit tractors and machinery working precisely to the desired specifications.


  • The most versatile wheel option with multiple settings that can fit a variety of row-bed widths
  • Can change the centre disc to suit different tractors and axle configurations.



  • Lower maintenance, no extra wheel bolts to check
  • Stronger, can handle high load capacity work
  • More cost-effective






SPI’s expertise is ready to provide the right solution, whether you need high-load capacity row-crop wheels and tyres or high flotation, low-compaction wheels, and tyres to suit self-propelled sprayers.


10. TURF




Golf tyres and wheels have specially engineered tread design that is gentle and delivers very low compaction qualities, and high flotation minimising soil compaction for compact tractors to work on golf greens.



Large-volume turf tyres and wheels are designed for heavier tractors and machinery, to distribute the load on turf evenly. They are best suited to turf farmers and government councils with large parks and gardens, beach cleaning requirements, and equestrian parks.



Regular turf tyres and wheels are the most cost-effective solution to nonaggressive turf work. Designed for government councils for parks and gardens and beach works, mowing contractors, and hard surface applications.





SPI provides a wheel and tyre combination that allows tractors to fit into small, narrow, tight, and unique farming applications such as:

  • Vineyards
  • Hot Houses
  • Glass Houses
  • Chicken Sheds
  • Fruit and Nut orchids





SPI can provide professional wheel repair and modification services for off-road wheel needs. SPI can design and provide a solution to maximise the productivity and utilization of your machinery. Whether it be replacing worn-out wheels or building a complete custom wheel configuration, SPI has the experience and expertise to provide the most effective solution.


  • Cracked wheel centres
  • Buckled wheel beads
  • Reinforcing bead sections
  • Heavy-duty valve protection
  • Rim modifications
  • Widening
  • Narrowing
  • Fatigue testing


Our Capability

As a wholesale tyre company and a wheel manufacturer, we offer our products and services to commercial clients across Australia. Consider us a one-stop shop for your tyre and wheel needs.


Our tyre and wheel services are performed by experienced professionals and include:

Wheel & Rim Conversions
Wheel & Rim Repairs
Tyre Fitting
Tyre Solid Filling
Laser Cutting
CNC Milling
Shot Blasting
Powder Coating

To find out more about our comprehensive range of tyre and wheel services, contact the team at Specialised Tyre & Wheel today.

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De Rosa’s Highway Motors Gavin Dunstan

As our customers’ requirements change, we are constantly providing them with customised tractors & implements to suit their application. Having the ability to offer the right machine to suit their business is a key to our continued success. Our relationship with Michael at STW is the most important we have with a supplier of tyres & rims. His quick response time and ability to offer solutions that we can offer our customers is one of the main reasons for the strong business relationship we have between our businesses.

Brookton Tyre Services Matt & Jaz Locke

Working with STW Australia has assisted in elevating our business. Their extensive range of high-quality tyres at wholesale prices has significantly boosted our bottom line. The efficiency in processing orders and timely deliveries has exceeded our expectations. STW Australia is our trusted partner for all our tyre supply needs, and we highly recommend them for their reliability, competitive pricing, and outstanding service.

Thomson Valley Service Centre Greg Tomamichel

We have worked with STW for the last 7 years and they have been a great partner to support our agricultural tyre customers. STW has provided great products, well priced and with prompt delivery to our rural location. We highly recommend dealing with STW.

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